A Challenge for Challenging Times


Image: Kelly Sikkema via UnSplash

Social distancing, at this moment, feels a lot like helpless waiting. For those of us who are not essential workers, the most we can do in this moment is stop.

Stop the lives we knew before so that we can stop the spread of this disease. 

I'm grateful to have the ability to do just that but waking up each day not knowing what to expect from the future has taken a toll and it seems to me like a creative distraction is just what I need.

Enter the #100daychallenge. 

If you haven't already heard of this (it's been happening for a few years now) it's a challenge conducted mostly on Instagram to create something new every day. It's usually something small and frequently something artistic, but neither of those descriptors are required.

The important part is focusing on something small and consistent each day in order to end the 100 days with an impressive overall project. At least that's the part I find important. 

So that's why this year I've decided to create a new design for purchase each day. Some days will be t-shirts, some will be coffee mugs, some will be notebooks, but the important thing is to focus my mind on something tangible and within my control. 

If you're interested in following along, you can do so at instagram.com/hellogreenhouse where I'll be posting each day's creation.

Are you doing the challenge too? Please share where I can find your work so we can work alongside each other even while we're isolated.